Arjuna the archer


Eriyat Suresh

Famous House Of Animation

Senthil Kumar

Script & Story:
Senthil Kumar
E. Suresh

Visual Style Design:

Animation Direction:
Arun Rane

Head Of Production:
Sharath Shankar

Design and Lay Out:
Rajib Mandal

Character Design:
Sunita Yadav

Original Music:
Jolly Jose

Sound Design:
Cyrus Sassoori

Arun Rane
Rajib Mandal

Arun Rane
Sunita Yadav
Rajib Mandal
Kedar Tilak
Angello David
Somsubhra Chatterjee

Background Creation:
Amit Ghadge
Vivek Khandgaonkar

Assistance In Animation:
Sanjoy Chakrabarty
Shailesh Chindarkar

Sachin Vishwas
S. Kumar
Rajib Mandal

Prodution Assistance:
Bharat Autade
Jivan Gaikwad

Awards and Honours

Official Selection At Annecy 2009 (Commissioned Films)
Bronze Lion At Cannes 2009 (Corporate Identity)
Asia Pacific Adfest Silver 2009
Goafest 2009 Silver Award
Anifest 2008 Audience Award
Ficci-Frames BAF2009 Award
Golden Cursor Award 2009
Official Selection Animamundi 2009
Selection At Pictoplasma 2009

Background Info

The spot is based on the Patta Chitra Katha: a thousand year old traditional folk art of storytelling in the original visual language, featuring exotic illustrations of characters from ancient Indian Mythology, hand printed on sun dried palm leaves.

The roots of Patta Chitra Katha can be traced back to two remote villages of Orissa on the East Coast of India, where a handful of artists are still faithful to this indegenous craft, that was handed down from generation to generation, until it was disfavored by instant machine printing.

The illustrative process involves mixing tamarind seed paste with rice powder and applying it on the patta leaves to create the canvas. And then finding fine brushes made from the hairs of a mongoose or a mouse, that are dipped in vegetable colours to imprint each image.

4320 Patta Chitras were hand crafted in the making of the films posted here. Arjuna The Archer bridges Mythology with Technology to save a priceless art form and revive it for future generations through a collective online Pattu Chitra Katha Reservoir on