Gedda Headz

Spaced Out


Written and Directed by:
Jean-Julien Pous

Sophia Shek

Executive Producer:
Ulrik Jensen

Keidrych Wasley

Production Manager:
Purcy Cheung

Associate Production Manager:
Connie Cheung

Location Manager:
Yindy Leung

Miggy Cheng

Set designer:
Irving Cheung

Assistant Director:
Sam Ip

Free-D Workshop Limited

Visual Effects Producer:
Anna Wan

Charles Freville
@ Digimage, Paris

Set Photographer:
Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

SteadyCam operator:
Julian Cheng

Stunt Coordination:
George Jackson

Cameras, Lenses & Equipment:
Salon Film, Hong Kong

Cutfather & Jonas Jeberg


Frank, skateboard stunts:
Chun Chai

Jasper, BMX stunts:
George Jackson

Zoe, rollerblader stunts:
Alex Tsui

Teenager girl:
Teresa Sheung

Teenager boy#1:
George Liu

Teenager boy #2:
Billy Clarke

Teenager boy#1 stand-in, skate stunts:
Thai Chai

Gedda Headz members:
Miles Slater

Anna Lui
Yin Kei Yee

« Models »

Crazy lipstick girl:
Helen Louise Norton

Sexy lips girl:
Louise Mitchell

Telecom girl:
Rachel Elizabeth Williams

Yoghurt girl:
Helen Siwan Leclerc

Porcelain girl:
Sarah Leclerc

Brian Schulman

Fashionable girl:
Kirsteen Barlow

Director's Notes

One day, I was on set for a corporate shoot, in the east mountains of France. I was busy as a runner can be, carrying heavy equipment, wires, spotlights, all sorts of things, when I got a phonecall. The number was hidden, and a stranger spoke to me with what I thought to be an Indian accent. Danish. He was Danish. I found a mail later this day, from this guy, asking me to come up with my own concept and shoot a music video for him. As most of those random proposals turn out to be dead-ends, I was a bit skeptical at first. But mails followed, and we talked about concepts, team, shooting, and other practicalities. Then I went to the Berlin Film Festival, where I met Keidrych. He sat down in front of me, and ask me: "Do you have a project? Is there a budget?". We started talking about it. Weeks later, we were flying to Hong Kong to make this happen. Hong Kong because it's futuristic and intense, like an Asian Neverland. The track has a little Asian feeling to me, the techno beat mixed with the 8-bit-style synthesizers.

Followed a month of preparation, careful plannings, a few arguings, meetings, location scouting, a tad of random castings drunk at 5am in the clubbing street. A week of intense sweating, shouting and shooting. Another month of post-production, grading, etc. And finally, here it is.