Creation Begins


Production Company:
Re:Birth Films, New York

Adam Witten

Director of Photography:
Derek McKane

Advertising Agency:
The Cricket Club of New York

Creative Director:
Roald R. van Wyk

Art Director:
Robert Pascale

Editorial Company:
Cosmo Street, New York

Justin Quagliata

Born Ruffians
"I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix)"


« Creation Begins »

New York, NY, September 2, 2008: New York based Re:Birth Films newest work Creation Begins spec campaign, having made the jump from hugely popular to viral, has garnered the attention of Cisco Systems and has brought intense controversy. Cisco contacted Re:Birth Films on Tuesday and requested that its logo be removed. “I am as surprised as anyone,” said Adam Witten, the director of the spot, “It was never our intent to upstage Cisco - we had a great idea and felt they were a great brand to do a "test" for, if anything we should have been more clear its only a "test" - the response has actually been very positive.” The quality of the spot caused viewers to believe it was an actual commercial, and that it had been created at Cisco’s request.

Working under an unspoken agreement that brands look the other way about test work, new directors and agencies looking for a new direction regularly create edgy and unique "spec work:. It is used as a calling card and an exploration of new creative ideas. “Experimentation is vital to good creative,” said Roald R. van Wyk VP Creative Director at Publicis Modem. “Brands have so much to gain from test work, like Creation, it can go viral creating an exciting consumer dialog with the brand at the center. It’s worth more then almost any CPM.” When asked about the place for spec work in the industry, Jill Rothman, former Director of Production at JWT, said spec work “gives you the freedom to experiment with creative ideas.”

Creation, the new and controversial work, opens on a seemingly sterile server room working silently. The scene cuts to a naked Adam just created on the floor. The parable continues with the servers coming to life, and Eve is born. As the computers work, even the snake is brought into being. With the scene set, within the wires and silicon, the players rush headlong to what appears to be a well known end; the expulsion of Adam and Eve. With Adam given the chance to make the same mistake twice, he decides that it is the human connection that makes creation great, not the technology that make it possible.

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Founded in 2002, New York based Re:Birth Films brings award-winning filmmaking to all media platforms. Led by Adam Witten, the company’s imagery graces advertising for the likes of Scion, Geico, and Converse. Known for its holistic and nimble approach to production, the company’s off center visuals and creative have made a place for itself in the arena of new media.