A Bicycle Trip


Written, directed and realised by:
Lorenzo Veracini
Nandini Nambiar
Marco Avoletta

Lorenzo Veracini

Freely inspired by the book:
"LSD, my problem child" by Albert Hofmann

Lorenzo Veracini
Nandini Nambiar
Marco Avoletta

Character design:
Marco Avoletta
Nandini Nambiar

Background design:
Nandini Nambiar
Marco Avoletta

Technical Direction:
Lorenzo Veracini

Marco Avoletta

Layout and Camera Animation:
Lorenzo Veracini

Lighting and Rendering:
Nandini Nambiar
Lorenzo Veracini

Marco Avoletta

Visual Effects:
Lorenzo Veracini

Lorenzo Veracini
Nandini Nambiar

Lorenzo Veracini

Sound Concept:
Marco Avoletta
Lorenzo Veracini

Sound Design:
Thomas Giorgi

Music elaboration:
Roberto Boarini

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Scuola Nazionale di Cinema - Roma

"O'zittre nicht mein lieber sohn" by W.A.Mozart

Musical edition:
Naxos Deutschland GmbH

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Scuola Nazionale di Cinema - Sede del Piemonte, Dip. Animazione

Laura Fiori

Production coordinator:
Rosanna Russo

Production assistant:
Nandini Nambiar

Thanks to:
Lorenzo Latrofa
Donato Sansone
Juan Correa Diaz
Rocco Guarna
Filippo Giacomelli
Michele Monti
Gabriele Barrocu
Federico Tocchella
casa cavadini
Renato Rocchi
people of csc-animazione
Franco e Nello
the "production's niece" Maya


« Awards »

66th Mostra Internazionale di Arte Cinematografica di Venezia:
1st prize at Veniceanimation (2009,Venice -I)

Matita Film Festival:
1st price (2008, Chieti - I)

Cartoons on the Bay:
special mention for the direction (2008, Sorrento - I)

Festival Internazionale Cinema d'Animazione e Fumetto di Dervio:
best direction award (2008, Dervio - I)

Nastri d'Argento per i cortometraggi:
mention (2008, Roma - I)

« Official Selection »

BAF Bradford Animation Festival (2008, Bradford - UK)

Woodstock Film Festival (2008, Woodstock, New York USA)

Zlin Film Festival - International Film Festival for children and youth (2008, Zlin - CZ)

Siena International Short Film Festival (2008, Siena - I)

Future Film Festival (2009, Bologna - I)

Castelli Animati (2008, Genzano - I)

Arcipelago (2008, Roma - I)

Visioni Italiane (2009, Bologna - I)

Comicon (2008, Napoli - I)

View Conference (2008, Torino - I)

Cortoons (2009, Roma- I)

Piemonte Movie Festival (2008, Torino - I)


« Story »

Basel, 19 April 1943. Dr Albert Hofmann, a chemist, is cycling home after a day's work in the laboratory. This episode has passed into legend, associated with the discovery of the effects on the human psyche of LSD. The film tells the story of this famous "trip", imagining an unconventional psychedelic of the '40s and following the protagonist's physical and emotional journey in perception altered by 'acid', from the quiet streets of Basel back to a memory of childhood, with a touch of humour.

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A Bicycle Trip