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Jean-Julien Pous
Pierre Prinzbach

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Switch, is a methaphysical thought about time. It's the destiny of humanity through a character and its different choices, materialized by doubles of himself.

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Switch, le film


« Jean-Julien Pous »

I'm 22, freshly graduated from Supinfocom in Valenciennes, a 3D animation school. I was born in Wuhan, China, and lived there 5 years before going to France. I also lived in Hong Kong for two years, until my graduation from high school. Then i learned computer programming for 2 years in a technology institute in Bordeaux. I figured out coding wasn't for me. I was more interested in graphism, visual communication and animation. I'm now heading towards a 6 months exchange with Vancouver Film School, ending in February 2008, to make another short film. I have worked in Paris and Hong Kong several times, in different communication, design and animation companies.

« Pierre Prinzbach »

Since my childhood, I've always had a passion for picture and especially drawing. I've followed this passion through my scholar evolution, doing a bachelor in applied arts. In the first time, it gave me solid basis. Conscious of the evolution of new medias, I've decided to continue in visual communication, which allowed me to enlarge my knowledge and discover the computer tool that was for me an unknown thing. I eventually graduated from visual communication, and I followed the Supinfocom course in 3D animation. Learning 3D is actually a mandatory path in the new media domain.

Selections and Screenings

Kinø 132 / Folie-Ô-Skop, Québec
Galerie Chappe / Les Producers, Paris, France
HDFest, Los Angeles
K Barré for Mercure Liquide, litterature and graphism newspaper based in Lyon
Kinø-Matane, complexe culturel Joseph-Rouleau, Matane, Gaspésie, Québec
Tehran International Shortfilm Festival
Freedom Of Choice, Portugal / Turkey / Armenia / Italy
Sitges, Spain
Court métrange, Rennes, France
Prix Ars Electronica 2008 - International Competition for Cyberarts, Linz, Austria
Courts des Grands, organized by Bazzart magazine
Finalist, Babelgum Online Film Festival
Web Flash Festival, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Anifest, Czech Republic
Animafest, Zagreb
Melbourne International Animation Festival
Australian International Animation Festival
ShortFest, UK
Australian Premiere, Byron Bay Film Festival
US Premiere, San Francisco Independent Film Festival
Digitartisti, Milano
Future Film Festival, Italy
E-magiciens, France
Finalist, View conference, Italy
Glimz, Sweden
Festival du film court de Villeurbanne, France
CICDAF, Changzhou, China