Knock-on effects (Dominoes)


Director and Animator:
Yann Benedi
Celine Desrumaux

Produced by:
Wyld Stallyons Ltd

Natalie Busuttil

Jason Arber

Chris Sayer

Music Production:
Wafer Audio

Paul James

Sound Design:
Jason Arber

Creative Director:
Wyld Stallyons

Creative Agency:
Bostock and Pollitt

Agency Producer:
Jonty Roots

Account Manager:
Jo Thorpe


Wyld Stallyons were approached by design agency, Bostock and Pollitt, to create an animation with the aim of encouraging people to become activists.

With concerns about climate change at a more acute point than ever before, The World Wildlife Fund wanted tell people how their opinion can really make a difference. Even the smallest action, such as sending an email to your MP, can form part of a much bigger picture.

The idea played on the domino effect - illustrating the point with our character, Colin the Campaigner. While going about his daily life, Colin has concerns of his own that he wants to express. By the simple act of writing, Colin and others like him can have a far-reaching impact on the wider world.

Wyld Stallyons worked in collaboration with directors Yann Benedi and Celine Desrumaux to produce the animated video that is currently featured on the WWF site.