Laurent Clermont



Creation and direction:
Laurent Clermont


Jon Brion, "Elephant Parade"

Director Commentary

I am an animator, designer and young director, I did from A to Z, this project in about 2 month after my regular day job, with lets say 2 dollars, the price of the coffee at the end of the film...

It's been filmed in a few hours with a DVcam in the streets of Stockholm, in a really charming district called SOFO (South of Folkungagatan). On my website, you can found some early look development.

What i really like about it is the reaction and the interpretation of the people who saw it, that go a bit deeper than my first explanation of the film which was, it is a story of a lonely heart creature who is looking for love.

Best Comments

The author did a little best comments compilation:

- Richard @ Cartoon Brew: "Most searching hearts are myopic as this one seems to be."

- Mallory Hull: "For friends and a Savior who will meet my heart where ever it is... even if it tends to wander lost and lonely for a bit."

- Redpepper: "Ever experienced a joy or pain so raw if felt like your heart had been completely exposed to the world for everyone to see? This little heart film by Laurent Clermont takes the feeling to the streets."