Measured Sacrifice


Written and directed by:
John Whitney

Production Company:
Arbor Avenue Films Production

Produced by:
Phil Garrett
John Whitney

Director of Photography:
Gil Whitney

Visual Effects Supervisor:
Frank Purtiman

Sound Design:
Tim Dutton

Original Music and Songs:
Gretchen King
(of the band Phantods)


Amanda Howell

Terry's Mother:
Jane Mowder

Mr. Richardson:
Kevin McClatchy

Richard Mason

Terry's Boyfriend:
Daniel Alan Kiely

The President:
David Carroll

Embryogenics Nurse:
Kristina Kopf

Lab Tech:
Jennifer Ann Hickey

Eye Patch Guy:
Chip Kocel

Young Terry:
Renee Beall

Terry's Father:
Jon Osbeck

Embryogenics Pedestrian:
Jack L. Cooper II

Girl in Waiting Room:
Jennifer Ntiri

Funeral Mourners:
Ryan Beall
Jimmie K. Beall
Travis Carney
Conrad Michael Eberle
Brian Ellis
Elizabeth Harzoff
Gerald A. Hendry
Michael Karnell
Carol L. Merriman
Bruce Merriman
Ryan Moody
Erik Osbeck
Natalie Rabaa
Shareef Rabaa
Santina Spataro
Kirk Whitney
Jennifer Whitney

Julian Beckwith
Darell Day
Briell Gazzara
Gretchen King
Andy Kramer
Kelly Lane
Ekko Lane
Ruth Lang
Darlena S. McCall
Joanna Monell
Teresa Purtiman
Amanda Robson
Zoe Surrat-Duncanson
Theresa Whorer


Story by:
Philip R. Garrett
John Whitney

Associate Producers:
Franklin Purtiman
Chip Kocel

Production Design:
Leyna Haller

Film Editing:
John Whitney

Unit Production Manager:
Max Eberle

Assistant Director:
Ruth Lang

Heather Glass Oaks

Script Supervisor:
Emily Hart

First Assistant Camera:
Aaron Smith

Second Assistant Camera:
Steve Tsentserensky

Key Grip:
Jon Griffith

Chuck Nelson
John Vinson

Aaron Brown

Key Makeup Artist:
Lori Cheyne
Kelly Lane

Location Sound:
Tim Dutton

Sound Utility:
Cameron Dutton

Prop Master:
Kenneth C. Wilson

Key Visual Effects Artist:
Donald Drennan

Still Photographer:
Gretchen King

Future City Design:
Will Fox

Original Propaganda Artwork:
Leyna Haller

Deborah P. Soper
Jennifer L. Whitney

Production Assistant:
Brad Clapper
Darell Day
Michael Karnell
Ryan Moody
Amanda Robson


« This House is Dead »

Written and performed by:
Gretchen King

« When it Comes Around »

Written and performed by:
Gretchen King


Grip and Lighting courtesy of:
Ample Light and Power

Special Thanks:
Hayden Garrett
Katherine Garrett
Michelle D. Garrett
Jennifer L. Whitney
Kirk Whitney
Liz Kocel
Susan Whitney
Scott Handel @ Ohio HD Video
Leesburg & Valentine
Belmont Apartments
Andy Henn
Meredith Prager
Greenlawn Cemetery
Linda Burkey
Meat Packers Outlet
Dan Bangert
The Screen Actors Guild, Chicago
Kit Woods
Danny Wollenburg
Jon Osbeck
Mills/James Productions
Scott Lanum
S.O.S. Productions
Planetary Media
William Farmer
Jeremy Kalef
Ralph Tinker
Frank Herman
Mike Wills
Matthew D. Miller
City of Columbus, Ohio
City of Washington, Ohio

Directors Notes

John Whitney: The idea for Measured Sacrifice came to me after listening to a story on NPR regarding the enlistment trends of the US Military. The piece explained that the majority of the enlisted are from lower income communities and went on to argue that there is a disconnect between the powers in Washington, who are made up of the economic and intellectual elite, and those actually fighting our wars. I wanted to make a film that would examine that trend by asking what it would be like if wars were fought by people that had no connection to our society and the subsequent complacency the American people would have towards the war against terror.