Side Dish


Direction and Animation:
Leigh Hodgkinson

Steve Smith


Music Copyright:
Domino Records


Leigh Hodgkinson graduated from the National Film & TV School in 2001, with her award-winning film Novelty. Leigh was snapped up as a director for Slinky, where she stayed for 8 years making commercials, broadcast animation and and comedy sketches. In 2003 she created the humorous short ‘Moo(n)’, about a cow who fails to jump over the moon (voiced by Matt Lucas), for the Channel 4 Animator-in-Residence scheme. She then took on the task of Art Directing the first series of ‘Charlie & Lola’, and created the gothic faerytale ‘Stalk’ for Film London. In 2006 she made ‘Flighty’ as Animator-in-Residence at Newport University. The film won Depict! in the same year and was shown around the world. Leigh made Side Dish whilst taking time out from Slinky, and began her children’s picture-book career, writing and illustrating ‘Colin & The Snoozebox’ and ‘Smile!’ for Orchard Publishing. Finally, Leigh came onboard at animation studio Beakus to further stretch her immeasurable powers!


Pixillated music video for Domino Records’ Psapp featuring a love affair between some cutlery and a faceless aproned girl.