And the Walls Came Down


Adam Witten
@ Re:Birth Films

Written by:
Martin Leicht

Justin Havlik

Director of Photography:
Derek McKane

Justin Quagliata


« DEA Agents »

Eric Brown

Deidre Da Silva

Jim Toohey

Nick Napolitano

VJ Mochel

« Dealers »

Mfreke Inyang

Lawrence Katz

Tommaso Matelli


Assistant Director:
Eric Berkal

2nd Assistant Director:
Dan Taggatz

Production Assistant:
Jesse Barrington
Tom Davis

Assistant Camera:
Harry Clark

Digital Media Loader:
Michael J. Burke

Lori Beth Malkin

Raffaello Ferrucci

Best Boy Electric:
Allen Zellmen

Eric Vaterlaus
John Dianda

Location Sound:
Philip H. Rosati

Art Director:
Nini Than

Moira Shaughnessy

Weapons Handler:
Christian J. Alfonso

Craft Services:
Ann Marie Signore

Opening Titles and FX:
John Vondracek
@ The String Theory

Digital Finishing Services:
Goldcrest Post

DI Colorist:
John J. Dowdell III

DI Finishing Artists:
Peter Heady
Jay Tilin

DI Supervisor:
Tim Spitzer

DI Producer:
Jean Lane

Video Technician:
Ben Lay

Assistant Video Technician:
Haruko Kawana

Sound Post Production:
Sound Lounge

Sound Desginer and Mixer:
Evan Mangiamele

Original Score by:
Robert Miller

Lighting/Grip/Generator Rental:
Stark Lighting

Camera Rental:
Shrunkenhead Films LLC

Weapons Rental:
'Weapons Specialists Ltd.':

Picture Cars Rental:
Picture Cars East Inc.

Vehicles Rental:
Courier Car Rental


Paul and Ricky, two sides of the same coin, dealer and DEA agent. A cyclical story, the two characters pushed by the forces of their reality. In a test of commitment to their ideals, both men have to choose between proving themselves individually and the insanity of a shared fate.

Directors Notes

I have always been very interested in the crime drama genre. Having had a few early, if not light, brushes with the law, the archetypes and motivations of both the outlaw and lawman fascinate me. Inspired by the verite style of the modern crime drama, I though it would be exciting to use that style in combination with the idea of a cinematic fugue to explore the two voices of outlaw and law man.

The beauty of And the Walls Came Down is that it uses the structure of the fugue and the duality of the dealer and the DEA agent. Their complementing relationships show that even as both side of the war on drugs belive themselves the opposite of the other; really they are inter twined voices in the same destructive song.

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And the Walls Came Down