The Beatles Rock Band


Production Company:
Passion Pictures

Writer and Director:
Pete Candeland

Debbie Crosscup

Co-Development Producer:
Anna Lord

Executive Producer:
Hugo Sands

2D Character Design and Development:
Rob Valley

CG Character Design and Development:
Ree Treweek

2D Animation Director:
Rob Valley

CG Animation Supervisor:
Wes Coman

Head of CG:
Jason Nicolas

VFX Supervisor:
Neil Riley

Technical Direcor:
Julian Hodgson

Dan Greenway
Jamie Foord
Lee Gingold

Brendan Houghton
Rob Valley

Matte Painting and Backgrounds:
Alberto Mielgo
Daniel Cacouault
Łukasz Pazera
Jim Bowers
Alan Aldridge

Key Animators:
Rob Valley
Jerry Forder
Pete Dodd
Daryl Graham

Assistant Supervisor:
Dave Burns

Character Assistants:
Alan Henry
Brent Odell
Jay Wren
Mitch Wilmot
Constantinos Demosthenous

FX Animation:
Simon Swales
Jane Wright
Chris Knott

Tim King
Megs Dore

2D Coordinator:
Crystal Crompton

Anmation test check:
Tony Clarke

CG Modelling:
Ian Brown
Adam Dewhirst
Cesar Nunes
Mario Ucci

Chris Dawson
François Pons
Julian Hodgson

Animation CG:
Chris Welsby
Vincent Aupetit
Dony Mahmood

Animation FX:
Jamie Franks

Texture, Lighting and Rendering:
Tommy Andersson
Quentin Vien
Guillaume Cassuto
Claire Michaud
Antoine Moulineau

Lead Compositing:
Johnny Still
Niamh Lines

Stephane Coedel
Ed Salkeld
Lee Gingold
Luke Carpenter

Dailies Editor:
Daniel Florencio

Directors Assistant:
Giles Dill


Art Director:
Ryan Lesser
@ Harmonix Music

Project Lead:
Josh Randall
@ Harmonix Music

Pete Maguire
@ Harmonix Music

Music Producer:
Giles Martin
@ Apple Corps

Official Website:
The Beatles™: Rock Band™